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Organik Moving the Needle: Helping you tell your stories better

Organik CEO featured at Talent Summit

Manufacturing is reinventing itself. Organik Consulting President Nicole Meloche,  featured at the latest Michigan Manufacturing Talent Summit, explains how manufacturers are changing the way they market, sell, tell their stories and connect with global customers.

Listen to the audio from the summit, whose main speakers included Organik’s Meloche, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (who called the summit one of the most important meetings he’ll attend all year) and Manufacturing Institute President Jennifer McNelly.

10 ways to get to wow through marketing & communications

Denny Crane said it well: “Pull a rabbit out of your hat. That’s the secret of trial law and life.” Similarly, the secret to marketing – and making things – is to do it with the goal of making people see it and immediately think – or say – “WOW.”


Introducing Organik Faith, Organik Manufacturing, Organik Wealth

The fastest growing form of communications? Digital: online, social media and videos. Organik’s Growth Markets programs are specifically tailored toward three sectors facing unique branding and digital marketing and communications challenges: faith-based organizations including churches, schools and charities; manufacturing companies and professional services firms. Learn more.